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WoWonder Flutter - For WoWonder Social PHP Script

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Wowonder Flutter for Wowonder Social PHP Script

The Wowonder Flutter for Wowonder Social PHP Script is a powerful and feature-rich mobile application built specifically for the Wowonder Social PHP script. Wowonder is a popular social networking platform that allows users to create their own social media communities.


✅ Change Colours, Theme, AppLogo & Other Graphic Assets
✅ Fully Dark/Light Mode support
Multi Language
RTL Ready
Regular Updates
OneSignal Notifications


With the Wowonder Flutter app, users can access and interact with the Wowonder platform from their mobile devices, offering a seamless and engaging social media experience. The app is developed using Flutter, a cross-platform framework known for its performance and flexibility, ensuring a smooth user interface across different devices and operating systems.

The Wowonder Flutter app is highly customizable, allowing administrators to tailor the app's design and features to their specific requirements. It offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to navigate and interact with the platform. Additionally, the app is designed to be responsive and optimized for performance, ensuring fast loading times and smooth scrolling.

Whether you're a developer looking to enhance the Wowonder Social PHP script or a business owner wanting to offer a mobile app for your social media community, the Wowonder Flutter for Wowonder Social PHP Script provides a comprehensive solution. It combines the power of the Wowonder platform with the flexibility and performance of the Flutter framework, delivering an exceptional mobile experience for users.

Please note that the Wowonder Flutter app requires the Wowonder Social PHP script to be installed on a server for full functionality.

Make Sure you use WoWonder script before using this App. Get Script Here

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What does the item package include?

  • Full Funcational Source code
  • Full Documentation
  • Regular Free Updates


  1. WoWonder PHP Script 3.1.1 or higher.
  2. IDE. For Android Compile and Editing.
  3. Fluttter SDK
  4. Xcode (For iOS)

  • ChatGPT: Artificial intelligence chat that supports both Arabic and English has been added.
  • Login Pages: Added the ability to log in normally and via 6 different social communities.
  • Welcome Page: Added the ability for users to choose between registering and logging in on the welcome page.
  • Register Page: Added the ability to register a new account.
  • Forget Page: Added the ability for users to recover their account via an email address.
  • Registration steps: Added the ability for users to upload their avatars and display recommended users.
  • Walkthrough Pages: Added the ability to advertise the chat application during registration steps.
  • Timeline Page: Added the ability to see all kinds of posts: text, pictures, videos, maps, feelings, and more.
  • Friends & Follow System: The application supports a friends system like Facebook and a follow system like Twitter.
  • Native Injection: Added the ability for users to see likes and wonders, delete, and interact with posts natively.
  • Add Post Page: Added the ability for users to add new posts as text, images, videos, activities, and feelings.
  • Post Privacy: Added the ability to control post privacy.
  • Friends Page: Added the ability to display all users' friends on one page.
  • User Profile Page: Added the ability for users to open users' profiles and timelines, and get their information and feeds.
  • Community Page: Added the ability for users to display liked pages and joined groups on one page.
  • Search Page: Added the ability to search for users, pages, and groups with the ability to add, like, or join during the search.
  • Search Filter Page: Added the ability to filter search results via Avatar, Status, Gender, and more.
  • Profile Picture: Dynamic profile picture for users.
  • My Images Page: Display all posted photos with users' comments and likes.
  • Marketplace: Added the ability for users to get the latest products and contact their owners.
  • Add Product Page: Added the ability for users to add their own product attached with images, information, and price.
  • #Hashtags: Display trending and related topics shared by users.
  • @Mentions: Use @username to tag people in a status or message.
  • Saved Posts: Users can save posts to view them later.
  • Delete & Edit Posts: Users can delete and edit their own posts.
  • Liked Pages: Added the ability for users to like pages and get page feeds and action buttons.
  • Groups: Added the ability for users to join groups and get group feeds and information.
  • Message System: Added the ability for users to chat and send messages integrated with the WoWonder Messenger v1.5.
  • Pro Members Profiles: Added the ability for users to see pro member types on each user's profile.
  • Notifications Page: Added the ability to display all notifications with events such as likes, shares, comments, etc.
  • Push Notifications: Added the ability for users to get notifications for users' activities and more.
  • Friend Requests: Added the ability to accept or cancel friend requests.
  • Trending Hashtags: Users can see the latest trending hashtags on the left slider.
  • Promoted Pages: Users can see the latest promoted pages on the left slider.
  • Pro Members: Users can see promoted members on the left slider.
  • Pro Upgrade Page: Added the ability for users to upgrade their accounts to pro members.
  • Settings Page: Added the ability for users to control their privacy and settings.
  • Account Page: Added the ability for users to control their account password, username, and email.
  • Help Page: Added the ability for users to see and read some help or about us.
  • Blocked Users: Added the ability for users to unblock or block their friends and users' profiles.
  • Notification Settings: Added the ability for users to control notifications (LED color, sound, and vibrate).
  • My Profile: Added the ability for users to change their avatar, cover, information, and social links.
  • Handling Offline: Added the ability to handle offline mode and bad connections.
  • Cache System: 60% of data is cached on the mobile device.
  • Handling Image: Added the ability to handle image download and cache load for more performance and speed.
  • Material Design: Application responsive 85% in all kinds of platforms: Mobile, iTab, Tablets, and more.
  • Empty State Pages: Added empty state pages and offline pages with easy customization.
  • Settings Class: Added the ability to easily install, customize, and change application language.
  • Articles: Added the ability for users to read articles or blogs.
  • Animations: Added animations on pages and items.
  • Sync Phone Contact: Added sync phone contact list and check for available users' phone numbers.
  • Certificate Chains: Added Certificate Chains and Secure Protocols for high secured servers.
  • Events: Added the ability to view and create events from the app.
  • User Status: Added the ability to create and view user status.
  • Pokes: Added the ability to send and receive pokes from users.
  • Popular Posts: Added the ability to display top posts.
  • Jobs: Added the ability for users to create jobs and hire.
  • Common Things: Added the ability to find users that match your information.
  • Funding: Users can create funds and get paid.

Free Updates & Reliable Customer Support

We are constantly adding new features to our model, and this app will be no exception. Since all future updates will be free once you purchase the license, rest assured that no new feature we offer will be denied.





Version 4.1.6 ( 14-11-2023 )

IMPROVED: user interface
ADDED:  Blogs 
ADDED:  Send money
Fixed:  Bugs+5

Version 4.1.5 ( 07-11-2023 )

 IMPROVED: user interface
 ADDED:  Blogs 
 ADDED:  Color Post 
 ADDED:  15+ 
 Fixed: Poll
 Fixed:  Video calling
 Fixed:  Voice calling
 Fixed:  broadcast
 Fixed:  Bugs+20
 Update:   Encryption code

Version 4.1.4 ( 09-10-2023 )

ADDED:  Design Chat
ADDED:  Ajax Chat
ADDED:  Delete the conversation
ADDED:  Create a new
ADDED:  Add a post Pages 
ADDED:  Add a post Groups 
ADDED:  Add a post Pages 
ADDED:  Event Going 
ADDED:  Login Social Facebook
ADDED:  Login Social Google
Fixed:  broadcast
Fixed:  Bugs+20
Update:   Encryption code

Version 4.1.2 ( 21-08-2023 )

Added:     Add PayStack Pay.
FIXED:     Weather.
FIXED:     Comments Reels.
FIXED:     Get Started.
FIXED:     Add a video to the story.
FIXED:     End of the live broadcast.
FIXED:     Fixed more than 10 bugs to enhance app stability and performance.
UPDATE:    key encryption .

Version 4.1.1 ( 10-08-2023 )

ADDED:     Color Posts Show ( ColorPosts can be added in app from Next update ) .
ADDED:     Create Chat Groups
ADDED:     Cache System .
ADDED:     Languages in App
Added:     Image/Video Messages
Added:     Paypal Payment Gateway
Added:     Subscriptions ( Go Pro Account )
Added:     Earning Section ( My Affliated, My Balance, My Points, Withdrawls)
Added:     Compatibility with Apple's policy
Added:     User can add money in wallet from app
Added:     Search #HashTags.
FIXED:     Html Special Characters in Posts.
FIXED:     QR Code.
FIXED:     Comments Counts.
FIXED:     Dark Mode Colors.
FIXED:     UI Design ( Redesing Some Pages ).
FIXED:     Profile Page UI.
FIXED:     More than 10+ more bugs.
UPDATE:    key encryption .


Version 4.1.0 ( 11-07-2023 )

ADDED:     Voice call and video call .
ADDED:     Agora Live Broadcas
ADDED:     Group Chat .
ADDED:     Colors Icons (User can activate them from App)
Added:     Multi Languages
FIXED:     Some Screen UI design.
FIXED:     10+ Bugs.

Arabic , Bengali , Chinese ,Croatian , Danish , Dutch ,English ,Filipino ,French ,German ,Hindi ,Indonesian,Italian ,Korean , Persian ,Portuguese ,Russian ,Spanish ,Swedish ,Turkish ,Urdu ,Vietnamese 


Version 4.0.8– ( 09-06-2023 )

ADDED:    Posted links can now be opened within the app.
ADDED:    Enter a hashtag from a post to explore related hashtags.
ADDED:    We've added a helpful support feature.
ADDED:    Now you can download your user data.
ADDED:    Enjoy watching YouTube videos within the app.
ADDED:    We've introduced QR code functionality for users
ADDED:    Rate the app dialogue has been added for your feedback.
ADDED:    You can now leave comments on Reels.
ADDED:    We've improved the user interface for liking, commenting, sharing, and deleting content.
FIXED:    6 minor Bugs

Version 4.0.7 – ( 02-06-2023 )

ADDED:    Posts to pages
ADDED:    See the fans in the post
ADDED:    See users' reaction in the post
ADDED:    Video story
ADDED:    Show offers
ADDED:    Write a comment on the post or comment in a photo
ADDED:    View liked pages
ADDED:    View Share on post
ADDED:    Share the post on the page
ADDED:    Share the post on the group
ADDED:    Share the post on the personal page
ADDED:    Send a poke
ADDED:    Show pokes
ADDED:    Edit post
ADDED:    Report the user
ADDED:    Disable comments
ADDED:    ChatGpt
ADDED:    +20 More Features
FIXED:    Dark Mode
FIXED:    3 minor Bugs

Version 4.0.6 – ( 31-05-2023 )

Initial release.

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Ilove This

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nice app

2023-11-02 01:05 AM

Great App

2023-11-08 04:28 AM

best aeasy to maintain for everything in single app

2023-11-08 06:12 AM

WowonderFlutter is an amazing app that delivers an exceptional user experience. Its seamless functionality and impressive design make it a must-have for anyone looking for a top-notch social networking experience.

2023-11-11 04:31 PM

Very Good quality code and really nice and fast support. Also updates are regulary and so , all features grows up regulary .

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Nice app

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oabotamim Client
2023-10-12 03:08 AM

nice app love it

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2023-11-03 01:05 AM

When will be the next update coming??

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mimedia007 Client
2023-11-07 03:07 PM

Hi Dear What new in 06/11/23 update

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rufjnr Client
2023-11-12 11:58 AM

Hello admin Am interested in the app But please you have to include the point system and affiliate system too..

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kevinmv Client
2023-11-29 06:47 AM

the live stream is working?

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businessesdeals Client
2023-12-10 12:16 PM

Hi, is this regularly updated? are you going to make the remaining features available soon like the website

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mimedia007 Client
2023-12-18 11:10 AM

hi dear how to download wow flutter i already purchase it

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mimedia007 Client
2023-12-19 01:02 PM

pls reply my ticket

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mimedia007 Client
2023-12-19 01:04 PM

after 5.30 pm you say close my time but till not response what is this

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2023-12-25 07:55 PM

thanks for support

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edgeitech Client
2024-01-30 11:31 PM

Where is the update to the app?

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businessesdeals Client
2024-02-10 06:10 AM

Hello, is this app still supported and updated ?

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edgeitech Client
2024-05-14 06:49 AM

It's been very quiet from the support team for this app, unfortunately!!!

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ndugutse Client
2024-06-10 02:05 PM

how will l get the certificate to connect the app with website

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